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Suit and development. Why are they more similar than you think?

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DemAlert application available!

In last months we`ve been working hard on brand new app for JEF Europe. DemAlert app aims at raising awareness on the need of updating democracy in Europe, giving the opportunity to young people to discuss, propose and develop new forms of democracy. This is a unique way of addressing today´s challenges in Europe, such as populism, intolerance, extremism and nationalism. The DemAlert is available on GooglePlay and AppStore free of charge and at no additional costs. The application is compatible with smartphones and tablets. As there is a significant number of unaddressed gaps in democracy in countries especially outside of the European Union, the DemAlert app currently covers the whole continent of Europe including countries like Ukraine, Belarus and Kosovo. Users are encouraged to pinpoint breaches of democracy that they witness or experience. The specific pinpoints can then be endorsed by other users, thus increasing the visibility of the given pinpoint on the map. Any kind of positive action, movement and simple act supporting democracy can also be pinpointed and therefore endorsed as well. These DemAlerts can be described in words and a photo can be attached. You can watch how the DemAlert app works in practice: .embed-container { position: relative; padding-bottom: 56.25%; height: 0; overflow: hidden; max-width: 100%; } .embed-container iframe, .embed-container object, .embed-container embed { position: absolute; top: 0; left: 0; width: 100%; height: 100%; } JEF Europe hopes that the DemAlert app will encourage the youth to engage more in the creation and management of democratic procedures in their community. The European youth continuously shows low turnouts during European elections which are undoubtedly a clear sign of the lack of interest in political engagement from their side. We believe that the DemAlert app will be able to offer them a platform for an efficient communication leading to common and organised actions.

Girl`s day

Girl`s day is an international day to support and encourage girls to consider IT as their future job. We decided to take a part in this event and organize Girl`s day at our office. We prepared awesome program: Introduction of our team and our job TrashOut story iOS vs Android Evolution of mobile design Presentation of our projects How we works and which tools we use Story of succesful application (Flappy Bird and 2048) Competition in 2048 game Goodbye We enjoyed it a lot and looking foward to organize similar event again. :)

Why is GoodRequest here

Couple years ago we started development of our first app. You may know it – TrashOut. It`s pretty cool app for reporting illegal dumping all around the world. We started this idea, because we wanted to change the world (as everyone else :P). TrashOut was really great and huge project, where we learnt a lot. In those years not many people were doing mobile development in Slovakia. Not many designers knew that mobile design is different from the web one. So it was tough. Titanium appcelerator (multiplatform framework) was the first tool we used. It is easy to use platform with good possibilities for starting developers. But quite soon we realized that if we want to have full control over the code and have no limits in development, we need to do it differently. That`s why we jumped into native development. Native development is basicly writing code for each platform from a scratch. No shortcuts means longer development, but much better user experience, stability and speed. These changes were appreciated widely and we became winner in the category Best app of AppsRullez 2012. Winning this competition was great for us and we realized 2 things: First of all – TrashOut makes sense. Second of all – professional jury appreciated our app from many perspectives – stability, user experience, design, … It was something like wind in the sails and we started thinking about making apps commercially. And we made it. We founded GoodRequest. Creating apps for clients have one great advantage – we are always into something new. No stereotypes, no boredom. Well, of course it is really challenging sometimes, but we like it. We like it so much, that we are excited to start new project almost every 3 months. Reason is simple, we truly believe that mobile phones are changing the way we live. Phones and its applications influence our lives on daily bases. That`s why we want develop such applications, which makes our lives easier, richer or simply more fun. And this should be our contribution.

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