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Ideálne Domy

From scratch to the turnkey project. Everything designed, constructed and driven by your own ideas, criterias and possibilities. Through a sophisticated web solution, it is possible to choose a dream home in the form of a clean house project with blueprints or even as a order for its construction.

Our role

The task was to create a web portal based on a design template from an external partner which has to cover a complete solution for customized home sale service. We have offered for the client a product consisting of frontend catalog, ordering system connected with required backend architecture.


Ideálne Domy, s.r.o.

Project catalogue

Are you looking for a home exactly according to your expectations, but you feel that your requirements are too challenging? Via web catalogue, you can choose from dozens of different buildings or projects and set up a wide range of required features or categories using the advanced filter.
Ideálne Domy
Ideálne Domy
Ideálne Domy

Interactive tour of the interior

Inside web application you can easily see how your future house can look like not only from the exterior point of view but also from the inside. In the detail section of each project you can access detailed floor plans, room partitions and various interior visualizations.
Ideálne Domy
Ideálne Domy
Ideálne Domy

Online order of the house

The site allows you to order a complete solution of your new home - online and right from your laptop. Just make an order throught the system to create a request for a particular house or only as a project study with blueprints and all the necessary documents will be delivered directly to your hands.
Ideálne Domy
Ideálne Domy


The Ideálne domy web application has been highly successful after its deployment which is reflected by high volumes of unique visitors on the modest market of the modern ecological housing in Slovakia.

50 +
completed constructions
100 k+
unique visitors

Our process

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Visual identity should be made with a minimalistic approach.
Job is done when there is nothing left to remove.

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