Attendance monitoring

Modern attendance system

Fingera Terminal

Thanks to innovative attendance system Fingera, recording time spent at work is simple and convenient. Add an entry about your arrival or departure with just a fingerprint, PIN code, or card. You can also see a complete overview of your hours worked to keep your attendance under control.

Our role

The task of our team was to create an Android app for a terminal, which is used to monitor attendance at work. We have also created modern-looking design of the app with emphasis on UI as well as UX.


Innovatrics, s.r.o.

Add an entry

Mark the start of the work by clicking on the Arrival button or just identify yourself and your arrival is automatically recognized.
Fingera Terminal
Fingera Terminal
Fingera Terminal

3 ways to identify yourself

You can enter the system using your fingerprint, PIN code or RFID card.
Fingera Terminal
Fingera Terminal

Complete information about attendance

When you arrive to the work, the system will show you information about the hours worked in the given month.
Fingera Terminal
Fingera Terminal

Overview of employees

The manager sees a full list of the employees with information about their presence at work.
Fingera Terminal
Fingera Terminal


The system has facilitated attendance monitoring for more than 500 clients and has freed them from unnecessary administration. Examples include Lunter, Ikar, Coop, and Medusa Group.

Our process

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Visual identity should be made with a minimalistic approach.
Job is done when there is nothing left to remove.

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