Intelligent charging network

ZSE Drive

Thanks to a mobile application from ZSE, you can find the charging station for your electric car quickly and easily in the whole Slovak Republic. Explore stations in your area and book your charging at chosen station. You can also choose from different service programs that will make your charging even more convenient.

Our role

ZSE has chosen to work with us in the selection round. Based on their requirements, we've created a complex product, including backend, frontend and design, as well as a mobile application for iOS and Android platforms.


Západoslovenská energetika, a.s.,

Stations in your neighborhood

Find the closest and the most convenient charging station in your area quickly and comfortably
ZSE Drive
ZSE Drive

Station detail, where you can make a reservation

In the detail, you can navigate to the station, check the availability of the connectors, and reserve them for charging
ZSE Drive
ZSE Drive

Charging starts immediately after scanning the code

After quick scan of the connector´s QR code, you will see the charging time in the app, which you can also terminate at any time
ZSE Drive
ZSE Drive

Map of charging stations also on web

You can view charging stations and information about them not only in your mobile app but in the web interface as well
ZSE Drive
ZSE Drive

Filter stations according to your needs

On the web, you can filter stations based on the type of your vehicle, charging connector, charging rate or operator
ZSE Drive
ZSE Drive


Thanks to the ZSE Drive, comfort of the electric vehicles charging has increased significantly. All administrative tasks that had to be solved personally at a branch office can be now taken care of online with ease via the mobile app. We were also the first to come up with the service of unlimited charging for a fixed monthly fee as well as the reservation of the charging connector.

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