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Dashboard is an advanced time tracking and monitoring system designed for medium sized businesses. It mainly covers business areas such as personal work attendance, payroll, billing or various reports or statistics based on time records. The system is designed in a modular way, increasing its potential and capabilities to cover a wider range of internal processes.

Our role

Dashboard specification was formed based on the requirements defined by GoodRequest's management. As a result we wanted a full package of mobile apps on iOS and Android platforms, web application and a backend architecture storing individual time entries on the server, displaying and measuring them across all platforms and in real-time.


GoodRequest, s.r.o.

Time-tracking with ease

The Dashboard allows you to track your time by using intuitive Timer module available through the mobile, web and smartwatch applications. Time entries can be assigned to specific work activities, projects, labels, or tag them billable for the customer.

Reports, Analytics and Statistics

Collected employee worklogs can be evaluated from the financial analysis point of view or summarized in the monthly reports needed for the salary agenda. It is also possible to plan employee, project or whole department workload to support and help management processes inside the company.

Administration and team management

In Dashboard it's possible to create a complete organizational structure for the company, assigning people to a particular department or adding them to the project. Each employee has a set hour wage so the project manager can track the current financial status and progress related to his projects. The solution also includes system user permissions to unlock other additional features.


The system is currently deployed and internally used by GoodRequest. It completely replaces the functionality of the previously used product to save the company's total cost associated with the personal agenda. More than 40 developers and designers use this system every day to monitor their working time.

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