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Everyday news coverage and fresh interviews from various social, political or cultural areas. With the AppDay application, user has the ability to stream videos directly to the web or social networks right from his mobile device. The administration interface allows editors to manage streams in real time.

Our role

The customer's idea was to create a concept of Internet TV in the form of a simple web and mobile app, where video content is not only created by editorial staff but also by users themselves. In addition to the solution we developed an administrative interface where it is possible to manage all the incoming video content from the userbase, make a quick review or any additional adjustments and afterwards get it ready for publishment right into the website.


Flok, s.r.o.

Continuous broadcasting

User videos and studio broadcasts create a custom internet channel based on individual user preferences. Automatic playback ensures uninterrupted viewing experience.

Optimized video player

Simple and intuitive video player design combined with optimized content loading. Video quality is automatically selected based on the currently available internet connection.


We have provided our client with a complete Internet TV solution featuring 4 modules - iOS, Android, Web apps and Studio built on the online WOWZA service, which is the current leader and a benchmark in the streaming technology market.

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