Think, prototype, iterate.
We are agile from start to the end.

Client should be a part of our team.

Regular stand-ups and discussions lead to a greater and more specific product based on our customers’ needs.


Not only the main core of the project but every change-request or new feature should be specified to have a great overview about the product

  • Kick-off meeting
  • Ideas and requirements
  • Product analysis
  • Features & solutions
  • Strategy roadmap


Our design experts bring your vision to life with creative approach and focus on UI/UX tailored to your unique brand strategy. Customer satisfaction comes from design that fit his needs.

  • Mood board
  • Wireframes
  • UI/UX design
  • Brand & style guide
  • Visual prototype


Our experienced team of mobile developers & web digital analysts use latest technology to create custom websites and mobile applications that fulfill your product goals.

  • Platform planning & analysis
  • Backend structure and API
  • Frontend coding
  • QA functional testing
  • Deployment


Deployment is not the end of the journey. We are making sure that our products have the best possible maintenance, optimization while still delivering and performing up to date.

  • Service level agreement
  • Maintenance and bug-fixing
  • Feature requests
  • Server management
  • Analytics & data backups

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